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A Knotty Situation
A Knotty Situation

A knotty situation? All Tied Up? (K)Not PYP6 who have been learning to tie different knots in preparation for their Outdoor Education Residential visit. As well as knots, they constructed harnesses using ropes and a carabine all of which will come in handy when they are rock climbing! #thisisBISS #BissGausel

Organ Music

Den Kuturelleskolesekken visited the primary department today to present 'Det var en gang et orgel'. They brought an amazing instrument with them, an organ that accompanied the graphics telling the story of the organ. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to hear a different instrument and experience a performance in Norwegian. A massive thank you to Den Kulturelleskolesekken for bringing such a wonderful (and quite large) musical instrument for us to listen to and find out about. #thisisBISS #BissGausel

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