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A Knotty Situation
A Knotty Situation

A knotty situation? All Tied Up? (K)Not PYP6 who have been learning to tie different knots in preparation for their Outdoor Education Residential visit. As well as knots, they constructed harnesses using ropes and a carabine all of which will come in handy when they are rock climbing! #thisisBISS #BissGausel

Careers Fair

MYP 4 and 5 students visited the careers fair this week. There were many stands representing national and international organisations available for our students to start thinking about the many opportunities available to them. Universities from Norway and abroad, including 10 from the UK, Norwegian/Swedish folkhogskole and representatives from military/prison officer/firefighters were all there for students to chat with and discuss future options. #ThisisBISS #BissGausel

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