Student Well-being

Alongside academic learning, BISS Sentrum is committed to the development of students as individuals, so that after they leave school, they have sufficient self-knowledge to steer themselves towards leading happy and fulfilling lives. This is a joint effort between the parents and the school, and the school’s part is carried out in the following ways;

  • Pastoral care. Form tutors come to know their students well enough to monitor their wellbeing, and where students experience difficulties that are unrelated to their academic work, the tutor often notices this well before a student approaches them. Any concerns are discussed at weekly departmental pastoral meetings in which staff compare notes and remedial actions are discussed. Where needed, parents are approached and included in planning any corrective action. Students are encouraged to approach any member of staff, and the school nurse is available for confidential meetings with students. In the Primary School, class teachers monitor their students daily and intervene when and where appropriate.
  • Special Educational needs (SEN). Our goal is to provide individually tailored support for students in the classroom. The aim is to improve academic performance, raise self-esteem, give students a sense of mastery and increase their resillience.
  • Student Voice. Students are encouraged to voice issues that affect the wellbeing of whole student body in a number of ways. Two students are elected to take part in the SU Stakeholders Committee. Teachers, Board members, Parents, the HSE rep, and school management attend SU meetings. There is an INTERACT group that works with Stavanger Rotary group on several charitable programmes. There is also a student council that gathers students’ opinions and suggestions. Students in the primary school have a playground buddy system. There are also opportunities across the curriculum for students to make decisions about their own learning, and in cross phase activities e.g. Action as Service.
  • School Nurse. Our school benefits from the services of two nurses (they work every other week so there is always a nurse available), who work for the local child and adolescent health services. They are responsible for children from the age of 6 to 16. The school nurse holds a day surgery at school every week and can be consulted by both parents and students.
  • The nurse offers advice on all aspects of child health and can put families in touch with various clinics and family services. Appointments are made through the school office, or by contacting the school nurse directly. The Norwegian vaccination programme is also organised through the school nurse.
Our school nurse is: