SFO / After-school Care

SFO (Skolefritidsordning)

SFO is a service for parents who need care for their child outside school hours. It is not an extension of the school day, but a time to play and take part in other activities. During term-time children will mostly play outside. During the school holidays, activities will be theme based and may sometimes involve excursions.

Activities take place inside the SFO area of the school, outside in the school playground and excursions in the school holidays.

SFO (After-school Care) is available for children from PYP 1 to PYP5. You can sign up for SFO through the parent portal, after your child has been offered a place at BISS Sentrum.

What do we do in SFO?

SFO opening hours

Morning session: from 7:30 – 8:30

Afternoon session: from 15:00 (14:10, Wednesdays) -16:30*

*Children must be collected by 16:30. If you are late there will be a charge. This is because staff will have to stay longer than their contracted hours if you are later than 16:30, to ensure your children are safe.

SFO prices:

  • 100% place (morning and afternoon, five days) NOK 3,011 per month
  • 60% place (morning and afternoon, three days) NOK 2,072 per month

There is no discount for siblings. Refunds are not made for illness or holidays.

School Holidays 2021/22
SFO will be open during these holidays in the academic year 2021/22:

Autumn Holiday  
Winter Holiday   
Summer Holiday 

SFO will also be open when the school day finishes early on 

Staff Training Days (INSET) 2020 - 2021
To enable SFO staff to undertake training, SFO will be closed on the following days: