After School Clubs

Clubs provided by external providers

BISS Sentrum welcomes external providers who wish to enhance the extra-curricular programme for our students. Access to our premises is free of charge when those attending the club are our own students or parents.

The current clubs  are:

I Am A Musician!

Provider - Mrs. Manqing Jiang



I'M A MUSICIAN is a private music school managed by Mrs. Manqing Jiang. I'M A MUSICIAN is collaborating with BISS Sentrum to provide tailored music lessons for their students. The name is inspired by the group of teachers at this music school: highly qualified music educators with extensive teaching and performing experience.

We are proud of our teachers and our mission is to contribute musically to the growing community at BISS Sentrum. Our goal is to offer lessons in instruments to everyone regardless of age and level. We believe that all children have an innate ability to learn, enjoy, and express themselves with music. We wish to help each student discover and grow their own talent and develop their musical ability in an environment that inspires a love of music and a lifetime of active music participation. The courses teach students to express themselves creatively through the language of music.

Our music school can provide piano, vocal & choir, guitar, violin, viola, cello and flute courses. Lessons are given after school and taken place at BISS Sentrum. However, we can also offer lessons outside the school, according to student needs.

I'M A MUSICIAN wish to encourage every young musician to show their talent and progress. Thus we will organize a performance at the end of each semester. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Coderz Club

In this weekly coding club, students will be learning a programming language, from basics through to advanced concepts. They will learn one new concept every week by building a simple game around that concept.

By end of the course, they will have developed 9-10 programs (games) by themselves and gained specialist knowledge in that technology. This knowledge is transferable to their school unit lessons and can be used to build new projects.

Every season, they will learn a new programming language helping them to find areas of interest to explore further.

Provider: Coderz Club


Origami Club

Provider: Marina Blain


Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Traditionally, all origami are folded from one sheet of square paper. We will cover the basics and create some of the classic forms in these workshops. Cut, fold and walk away with many of your own creations and the knowledge to make it yourself.

Join the class as we explore the world of paperfolding!