Special Education Needs & Disability

BISS Sentrum regards itself as a caring learning community.

As such, class teachers, form tutors and senior managers all play an important role in the support of students with special educational needs and disabilities.

We believe that a balanced education will be inclusive.

To this end, our philosophy is to support and celebrate the diversity of learning needs across the school community. We endeavour, wherever possible and practical, to accommodate students with special learning and physical needs, so that they can achieve their full potential, whilst celebrating their personal strengths.

BISS Sentrum is wheelchair friendly.


The school has an individual approach to each student, meeting the needs of fast and slow learners in the same classroom. There is an environment of diversity and inclusiveness.
Overview of Provision

Provision can take the form of additional teaching for English as an Additional Language (EAL), teaching intervention for mild to moderate special educational needs and support for disability (SEND). Specialist teachers and teacher assistants and the Kommune educational support service (PPT), work together to support academic, behavioural, social and emotional development.


The goal of learning support is to meet the needs of students appropriately. Where a student has a recognised condition at the time of admission the school asks parents to supply specialist reports and, if available, the results of diagnostic screening. This will help us to prepare for the best possible transition and school start for your child.