Additional French Club (CNED)

Students enrolled in BISS Sentrum also have the opportunity to join the additional French Club.

The French Club is for native French speakers, who will one day return to France and/or wish to continue their studies in the French curriculum, alongside their international studies. The club offers courses provided by the Centre National d'Enseignement à distance (CNED), which consists of courses in Maths, French and Humanities.

This French Club is offered as an externally-provided club, by our sister organisation The BISS Foundation, who provides specialist French tutors to teach and supervise the courses, which occur in mornings before school, and on some afternoons.  

Participation in the French Club attracts a fee of 32,000 NOK which covers the costs of specialist teachers, CNED registration and materials. To enquire about joining the French Club contact the school office. More information about the CNED can be found at their website: