FAU, The Parent Association

The Parent Association (FAU)

Parents are represented at the British International School through an elected parent association known as FAU (Foreldrearbeidsutvalget). FAU provides invaluable support to the school in a number of different ways and gives parents the opportunity to get together in a friendly and social atmosphere.

The school is a small, close community, not a massive institute. You feel like part of a family.

Each class elects a representative to attend FAU meetings and to act as a liaison between home and school. This representative also co-ordinates social or curriculum activities for his/her class, or year group.

  • to assist the school in ensuring a safe and secure learning environment;
  • to contribute to the school’s quality assurance systems;
  • to assist the school in keeping the environment free from bullying;
  • to facilitate social initiatives for students;
  • to facilitate meetings and positive relationships between teachers and parents;
  • to assist the school in communicating information.

Three FAU committees represent each of the various phases of education at the school - the Pre School and Reception class; the Primary School and the Secondary School. Each FAU committee usually holds four or five meetings each year and elects one person to represent them on the school's Stakeholder Committee. FAU representatives come together to discuss school development plans and initiatives, and help identify how the FAU can support students and teachers in community action projects and social and community activities.