Our Values

''Creating Role Models for the Future''

The school aims to expose every child, every day, to experiences that will help them understand the need for mutual respect, tolerance and understanding of people from different cultures and faiths. We pride ourselves on our success in this area as we see our students embrace difference with respect and integrity and truly become role models for the future.

At the BISS Sentrum, we take seriously our responsibility to prepare children for life in the 21st century. The acquisition of fundamental values lies at the heart of everything we do and all areas of the curriculum are a vehicle for underpinning these values.

In order to achieve our values and goals, BISS Sentrum will:
  • maintain a school culture of excellence in teaching, student achievement, innovation and self-advancement;
  • maintain a supportive, healthy and secure environment for teaching and learning;
  • through the international programmes of study, deliver a balanced and holistic international education centred on the learner;
  • use technology and innovative pedagogy to advance student learning;
  • raise student awareness and engagement in social, environmental and inter-cultural activities, both within and outside the academic programmes of study;
  • provide excellent facilities and resources to support the programmes of study, minimising negative environmental impact;
  • recruit, develop and retain teachers and support staff, who inspire students, contribute to the professional learning community and are positive role models for our students;
  • maintain stable and effective governance focused on financial soundness, operational efficiency and the long-term advancement of the school;
  • engage parents, alumni and the local and wider community in support of the school.