Campus and Location

New Campus for the New Academic Year 2021 - 22

BISS Sentrum is excited to be at their new campus in Kampen, a residential area of the vibrant international city of Stavanger. The campus at Misjonsmarka 1, 4024 Stavanger is located just west of the city centre in a quiet residential area.

The school has a large and spacious building with room for up to 250 students on 3 floors with a gym and auditorium a few metres away from the main school building. The Primary Department, for students aged 6 to 11 years, is on the first floor.  The Secondary Department, for students aged 11 - 16 is on the second and third floors. This Department includes a purpose built science lab, an art space and a library.

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New address:
Misjonsmarka 1,                4024 Stavanger.

Tel: +47 51505100

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At a glance:
  • 200 students
  • 13 Classrooms
  • Purpose built science lab
  • Library
  • Art space
  • Gym and auditorium 
  • Large outdoor play area