After School Clubs Run By External Providers

The British International School welcomes external providers who wish to enhance the extra-curricular programme for our students. Access to our premises is free of charge when those attending the club are our own students or parents.

Art Club

Be Creative Be Artistic has successfully run an After-School Art Club for PYlower Primary school at BISS.

Be Creative Be Artistic is pleased to announce the continuation of an After-School Art Club for the PYP lower & upper school. The club will explore various painting techniques & media such as acrylics, water, pastels and more. They will also learn fun drawing techniques. Please click herefor more details.

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Contact: or 45461365

Hindi Club - Friday, 15:00 - 16:15

For children wishing to learn Hindi. The aim is that children have fun developing their Hindi language skills through visual aids and group activities. A wide range of topics is covered during the lessons, which capture the interests of the children as well as building on their individual abilities. Children develop confidence in Hindi and learn about Indian culture, literature and society.

Contact Anushri Misra -

Bible Story Club - Thursday, 15:00 - 16:00

The Bible Story Club is a fun way to explore the ancient times of Moses, Noah, David and Jesus through games, activities, arts and crafts. The club is hosted by the Reverend Peter Hogath and Denise Johnson-Joakimsen, both of the Anglican Chaplaincy in Norway (Bethel Church, Stavanger).

Contact Reverend Peter Hogarth -

After School Football Club - Daily 15:00 - 16:30

Contact Gausel Idrettslag, Daniel Egge Roux - For information in Norwegian click here.

Karate - Tuesday and Thursday 19:00 - 22:30

Please contact Kjell Sivertsen (916 62 567, for details.

PUMA's — Taekwon-do Club - Wednesday, 15:15 - 19:00

Juniors from age 7 and Seniors age 12+

PUMA Norway is an exciting martial arts club held at BISS each week. By providing a welcoming and friendly approach the club aims to provide instruction in the Korean art of Taekwon-Do. Students are also taught stranger awareness and anti-bullying tactics. Through PUMA Norway, students increase their levels of self-confidence, self-awareness and overall fitness. We have a variety of classes to offer all ages and abilities. We are affiliated with The Professional Unification of Martial Arts UK and the International Taekwon-Do Federation. We hold internationally recognized testing three times a year, so that students can develop skills and build on their qualifications at another centre.

Contact Alison Gildert -

Little PUMA's - Taekwon-do Club - Wednesday, 15:15 to 15:45

Class for ages 4 to 7

Little Puma's is a revolutionary way of teaching this age group life skills, using martial arts as a training platform. The Little Puma's syllabus prepares a child mentally as well as physically, improving hand-eye coordination; team-working skills; and, communication and verbal skills. Students will develop the confidence to say NO and to speak up for themselves. The syllabus also enables children to deal with real life issues such as bullying and stranger awareness. The programme is especially designed to help teach young children the important qualities of respect, self-control and confidence in a fun way, utilizing educational games and exercises - but most importantly - they will have FUN!

Contact Alison Gildert -

Private Music School

Aurora Vocalis is a private music school collaborating with BISS to provide specialist music lessons for their students. Manager is Ms Ina-Marian Øygard, a music and singing teacher in Fine Arts, with training in education and pedagogics. She has been teaching various music subjects since 2011 and conducted and accompanied different choirs for more than 20 years. She is also the local ABRSM Coordinator and Host for Stavanger.

For individual lessons, our focus is to tailor lessons according to each student’s goals and needs. Lessons are given after school, or weekends to all levels and ages. Our tutors may also give lessons from their homes in the district. Fees start at 300 NOK and upwards. Our services are:

  • Individual lessons (30, 45 or 60 minutes of choice)
    • Singing lessons
    • Piano lessons
    • Music Theory
    • Violin lessons – Coming soon
    • Group lessons in all subjects on demand
  • Clubs and Choirs
    • Music Theory Club – Once a week 15.00-16.00/30
    • Choir for Primary 3 to 6 – Fridays 15.00-16.15
    • Lunch Choir for Primary 1 and 2 – Once a week 12.25-13.00
  • ABRSM Practical exams – once a year in May
  • ABRSM Theoretical exams – twice a year, November and June
    • ABRSM practical and theory syllabus may be included in lessons
For more information, updated fees and entry form, please visit

Independent Music Tuition

Momir Novakovic, MA in Music Pedagogy
Music Teacher at BISS; Former Prof. at Music Academy ADM in Lugano, Switzerland

Momir Novakovic holds a Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy degree from Swiss Music Conservatory of Lugano (Switzerland). He is known internationally as a music pedagog and classical accordion soloist. Momir is the winner of world’s most prestigious classical accordion competition “Coupe Mondial” and was the first ever accordionist to perform at the EU parliament in Brussels. Having worked in several music schools in Switzerland as well as at the University of Lugano, he specialised in music pedagogy with both children and adults.
For more information about Momir Novakovic please visit

Teaching subjects:
- Piano
- Accordion
- Guitar (basic level) - Music Theory
- Solfeggio (Aural)/Singing
- Elementary Music Education (Theory, Solfeggio and Music History and Styles combined,
including introducing all classical instruments)*

- Band/Orchestra

Instrument lessons are individual and you can choose whether you would like a 30, 45 or 60 minute lesson (the teacher will give an evaluation and you can chose to have shorter lesson, but not longer than what he recommends for the child).

Theory, Solfeggio and EME can be held as individual or group lessons but can also be taken in addition to instrument lessons at a special price for students who are already subscribed with an instrument.

Band/Orchestra will be organised project-based during the school year (the school will provide further information).

Music theory and aural are part of the instrument training, but the additional music theory knowledge is strongly advised for those studying a music instrument. It speeds up the process of learning and helps making instrument lessons more efficient and motivating.

Prices for individual lessons:
30 minutes - 300NOK
45 minutes - 450 NOK
60 minutes - 600 NOK
(semestral packages come with a discount)

Prices for group lessons (M. Theory, Solfeggio, EME):

45 minutes (PYP) - 200 NOK
60 minutes (MYP) - 300 NOK

Each student will have a personalised programme set at the highest pedagogical and methodic standards that can have different goals (i.e. ABRSM exam, body coordination development, general culture, pleasure etc.). General evaluation and advising are free of charge for BISS students.

BISS employees and siblings have a special discount.

For any further questions and information contact Mr. Momir Novakovic

*This subject is offered by BISS as a part of the carousel programme to PYP students in 2018/2019. The programme does not include Music Theory and Solfeggio (Aural).

Young Coderz

YoungCoderz is an after school coding club specializing in teaching programming to primary and middle school students through their structured game based curriculum. The clubs are already running in Asker, Oslo, Gjøvik International schools and as weekend clubs in Asker and Sandnes area.

You can get more details about the club from their website and check their facebook page at

They will be running the club for MYP students on Wednesdays from 15.00 till 16.30. if interested, please register your child using the below link

For any queries, drop an email to