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Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
We were lucky to welcome Mei Hu, one of our lovely BISS parents, to a virtual meeting with PYP4 students who were very inquisitive about Chinese New Year and religion related to China. Mrs Hu was able to bring PYP4's learning about world religions alive for the children because she was a first-hand source. PYP4 have been exploring world religions and how they may help people appreciate how different beliefs and values are expressed.
Mrs Hu had previously provided links to interesting information including a personal video of how Chinese New Year is celebrated in their home and a recording of 'The dragon and lion dance' performed by the Lion Dance group from the Chinese Association in Rogaland (CAIR).
Most fascinating was to learn about Mrs Hu's perspective, values and beliefs and she enjoyed the experience so much that we quote her: 'Thank you for the opportunity for me to share and learn about Chinese culture together with the PYP4 children. The children were very inquisitive and eager to learn. What a great pleasure to have been part of the children' exciting learning journey!'
Thank you Mrs Hu!
Please contact Mina Solanki at BISS if you feel you would like to be a part of the children's learning journeys about your religion. #thisisBISS #BissGausel