IB Careers-related Programme

Our Sixth Form also offers the newest IB programme, The Careers-related Programme (IBCP).

This is a vocational qualification, designed to meet the needs of employers and support progression to university.

It is work related and suitable for a wide range of students. The course provides a more practical, real-world approach to learning. It is taken in conjunction with the IB Diploma. Students complete the vocational element of the IBCP, alongside three subjects of their choice from the IB Diploma.

The vocational element of the IBCP is the BTEC National qualification provided by Edexcel. BTEC Nationals are widely recognised by schools, universities, employers and professional bodies across the UK and in over 100 countries around the world. The vocational element of each course comprises assessed coursework and work experience. The IBCP is not examination based. The IBCP is therefore ideal for students, who find the exam process daunting and struggle to see how exams fit into the real world of work. This course enables students to concentrate on subjects they really enjoy.

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IBCP Testimonials

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BTEC Nationals

From August 2016 the college will offer courses in:

  • Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness)
  • Creative Media