Why the british school?

Because it's easy to make friends here. Everyone is known and valued.

Useful Links

School Nurse

Contact Lydia Najmudeen Amundsen, e-mail: lydia.najmudeen.amundsen@stavanger.kommune.no

School Dentist

Boganesgeilen 9B, 4032 Stavanger. Phone: 51816200

Speech and Language Therapist, Learning Support Specialist

Contact Fiona Hay, e-mail: fmhay1963@gmail.com / www.fionahay.no

Counseling and Family Support

Counselling/Psychology Contact Dr Jude Nielsen,- www.counsellingpsychologystavanger.com

Couples therapy Lindis Courtney Jaatun, Couples Therapist, www.stavangerfamilytherapist.com

Educational Psychologist

Contact Ruth Waterhouse - http://www.stepspsychology.co.uk/

Clinical Psychologist

Contact Nicola McCaffrey - http://www.nicolamccaffrey.com/welcome

Child Psychologist

Working in Spanish, Italian and English. Contact - Cecilia Dziula - cecidziula@gmail.com

Teddy Language Enterprise

Resources for teaching your child English as an Additional Language - http://teddy.netflexcloud.no/home

Stavanger Kulturskole

This is a school for the arts, run by the local authority, Stavanger Kommune. It offers lessons in music, dance, theatre, visual arts and talent development.

Stavanger Kulturskole - http://www.stavangerkulturskole.no/Om-oss/Informat...

Choir and Singing Lessons

Aurora vocalis - contact Ina-Marian Øygard - https://auroravocalis.com/

Pilates, yoga and dance classes

Studio Vanessa - http://studiovanessa.no/

Yoga classes

Yoga for teenagers, adults and for pregnancy

Contact Cristel Gibbs - christelgibbs@gmail.com / www.welbeing.org

Gausel Sports club

Football and handball teams for children, teenagers and adults.

Forus og Gausel Idrettslag - http://kxweb.no/portal/theme/organization/main.do?...

Stavanger International Swimming Club

Swimming classes taught in English for children age 4 to 19.

Contact Tony Mitchell, e-mail: fmitchel@online.no

Riding schools

Rogaland Ridekubb - http://www.rogaland-rideklubb.no/

Storhaug Rideklubb - http://www.storhaug-rideklubb.no/

Sandnes and Jæren Rideklubb - http://www.sjr.no/