Welcome to the May edition of BISSness.  Spring is blooming and so is school, Mother Nature reminding us how lucky we are to be situated near the Gausel forests with the fjord twinkling in the distance.


School is also busy and buzzing!  Follow our InstagramTwitter and Facebook feeds to see daily updates of life in school and for the Sixth Form College check their Facebook page.  Also, remember to keep checking the parent portal for information of upcoming events. #BISSisbuzzing 


Letter from the Principal


Dear Parents

We are fast approaching the end of another school year and the end of an era at BISS. Over the last eleven years I have had the responsibility for 'remodelling' BISS into a four-phase school catering for children aged 2 to 18 years. Back in 2006, BISS was a very different school to what we see today. 



May 17th 2018 Preparations

Information about the May 17th Celebration has been emailed to parents.  You can also find the information on the parent portal.  Click below to find out some of the history behind this special celebration and details of the day.


News from Pre-School

At long last bulbs are coming into flower in the Pre-school garden heralding the arrival of spring! All classes will be out and about in the woods, up to the farm and down at the fjord exploring what the warmer weather is uncovering. The children will be planting both indoors and out, and soon the Pre-school garden will be bursting with all kinds of flowers and vegetables.



News from the Primary School

What is inquiry-based learning? (Insights into a PYP classroom)


As educators, our biggest challenge and responsibility is engaging students in a love affair with learning; of facilitating students to develop skills, competencies and insights to equip them to be successful in a future world (that does not yet exist)! 


News from the Secondary School

As we move from spring to summer, life in the secondary department at BISS is very exciting.

On Thursday April 5th the Regional Finals of the 2018 Unge Forskere Competition (Young Researchers Competition) was held at Vitengården, Nærbø.In the younger section (Ungdomskole) first prize was won by Emma Pattie, MYP5, with her Personal Project on research into making videos to teach people to play and tune a guitar combined with a study on the mathematics of tuning.



The subject of philosophy within the school curriculum gets students actively engaged with their learning. Facilitating children to think philosophically and creatively around different aspects of global and personal issues allows them to develop such areas as emotional literacy, reasoning and intellectual confidence in order that they are more informed to make judgements about what seems 'right' or 'wrong'.


PYP3T Poems


Poetry has a place in our curriculum. Children need to learn to read a variety of text and poems are one of those many forms. The special thing about poetry is that it is often read aloud, repeated often, and shared in groups. When children are listening to poems being read orally, they are building their listening skills. They learn to attend to the words they hear and to think about what those words mean together.


PYP3T' have been reading, listening to and writing their own poems about the Trung Thu festival (Moon Festival). Click the read more button to see their poems.


Meet The School Board


The School Board functions in a similar way to a committee overseeing a corporation and is responsible for administering the affairs, property and assets of the School; quality assurance; safeguarding; the setting of policy; regulating the School's financial health, and selecting the Principal of the School.  Click below to find out more about the members of our board.

Data Protection Update


Changes to Data Protection Laws come into effect on 25th May across EU/EAA countries. School is currently working to ensure that we fully comply with the new requirements.  As such you will soon be asked to re-register permissions for school using personal data and for the taking and using of photos. We would appreciate these forms being promptly returned to school.

The regulations surrounding the photographing of children are always difficult, especially for those families who are not comfortable with other parents capturing images of their children in general photos. School does not want to prohibit photography, as recording your child's life in and around school is important. We simply ask that all parents respect that any images taken around the school premises at special events are for personal use only and never for public distribution.

Spring Photo Competition 

The votes have been counted and the winners have been chosen.  Well done to everyone who entered - there were a record amount of entries this time - and congratulations to the winners!


Class Assemblies


This has been a busy time for class assemblies and we've had the privilege of watching some excellent performances.  The children are very active in producing their assemblies, deciding what to include and what makes a good performance.  We're looking forward to PYP1 and Reception class performing in the coming weeks.  Click the pictures below to see the slideshows.

PYP2 Assembly Sensational



PYP3 Assembly Different places similar lives?


PYP4 Assembly - PYP learner Profile planets!


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