Welcome to the October edition of BISSness.  It has been a busy half term across all the departments.  Scroll down and read what we've been up to.



Letter from The Principal


Dear Parents,


The term is flying past at a fast rate of knots and already preparations are in place for upcoming concerts and performances. It's always a joy to see our youngest children learning their lines and singing their hearts out. I know you will all be able to look forward to some eye watering treats just before the Christmas vacation.



High Performance Learning


BISS is a High Performance Learning school and committed to encouraging every child to adopt a growth mindset. Here's how every BISS parent can contribute to that aspiration and help his/her own child reach the best they can be.


PYP6 Castaway Adventure


On Monday 25th September, PYP6 were castaway on Gauselholmen Island in the Gandsfjord just near to the school.


Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Practice Hike


A few weeks ago students in MYP4 began their Duke of Edinburgh International Bronze Award for Young People.




European Day of Languages


26th of September is The European Day of Languages and this is the second year that the MYP department at BISS have celebrated this day.


MYP4 River Studies Visit


Students of MYP 4 went on a visit to the local Figgjo River to investigate geomorphological river processes, a chance to see theory studied in class in a real river environment.


Secondary School News


The secondary school have enjoyed a very exciting first half term.


Pre-School News


The first half term has flown by and all the children are settled and enjoying their time at school. 


Fabulous 40!


As we are 40 this year we are looking at 40 fabulous things happening around school.  PYP4 took up the challenge this month and in their English lessons tried to think of 40 different words to use in their writing instead of 'said' - click and see how they got on.

Spotlight on writing


Have a look at a selection of writing from some of the youngest children in PYP up to some of the oldest in MYP.  Some of our students have also contributed writing to this newsletter giving them the opportunity to write for a real audience.

PYP1 Trip to Africa.


PYP1 children concluded their "Hooray, Let's Go on Holiday" Unit of Inquiry by going on a fun-filled trip to Africa.




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