Event Details

Non Uniform Day PYP/MYP

Here at BISS we ask our students to be open-minded and caring, so when a student comes forward with an idea to help a family from the community who are in desperate need of help we encourage them to step up and make a difference. One of MYP students has clearly stepped up and has put forward a proposal for a fundraising event and created an information video to show in school hoping to make a difference with the school community's help.

As a result, this Friday the School is having a non-uniform day in PYP and MYP to raise funds for Mikhael Krotov who suffers with a rare genetic disease called Dyskeratosis Congenita. The money raised will go towards his expensive medical treatment and research into helping others with the condition.

We are asking that students who would like to support this cause come to school in non-uniform with a small contribution of 10kr or more to give to this family in need (SaveMikhaelKrotov - YouTube).

if students would like to VIPPS their donation they can use this VIPPS number and call it Fundraiser 581608