Our Learning Areas

Art, culture and creativity 

At BISS Preschool our children learn to express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions, but also they discover and interpret arts as intellectual, emotional, and sensory experiences. We aim to assist in cultivating international-mindedness in children by exploring how arts and creativity play a role in the development and expression of cultures and communities. Children actively participate in rich and inspiring learning experiences that encourage them to reach their creative and expressive potential. 

Quantities, spaces and shapes 

Our specially crafted classrooms encourage children to initiate and join in play that promotes creativity and develops crucial skills like representation to organise, record, and communicate mathematical ideas and concepts. BISS Preschool teachers scaffold children's play to expand their mathematical understanding by listening carefully to children’s inquiries, and hypotheses to help develop their thinking through conversation and questioning. Children investigate and apply their understanding of their daily activities, using patterns or identifying and communicating using mathematical language and symbols. Through play, children apply a wide variety of thinking strategies to engage and manipulate objects, experiment, and solve problems, which are crucial skills to have. 

Communication, language and text 

Play-based learning encourages children to develop their language and communication skills by actively engaging with others through meaningful social interactions. Through scaffolded play, the children develop their communication skills by openly expressing their ideas and feelings, supporting their communication and language skills. Children expresses themselves and construct meaning through verbal and non/verbal communication. Children respond through movement to traditional and contemporary music, dance, and storytelling, broadening their understanding of the world in which they live. Our Skilled educators support the maintenance of home language and culture and expose children to different languages and dialects, which encourage appreciation of the linguistic diversity of our BISS Preschool community. 

Body, movement, food and health 

Physical activity and attention to fine and gross motor skills are essential in the early years to support children's learning. BISS Preschool children understand how their bodies move and develop positive attitudes toward physical activity, allowing them to become more independent and take greater responsibility for their health, hygiene, and personal care. It provides children with the foundations for their growing independence and satisfaction in being able to do things for themselves. 

Ethics, religion and philosophy 

As children develop their sense of self and construct their own identity within their families and communities, through their supported play in BISS Preschool, children investigate the diversity of cultures, values, beliefs, histories, and environments. Children celebrate and understand each other unique belief systems. They develop respect and value for the similarities and differences within their community. Our nurturing educators emphasise building trusting relationships, which are crucial for children to construct a sense of belonging where they feel accepted, develop attachments, and trust those who care for them. 

Nature, environment and technology 

Our dedicated educators assist children in developing a growing comprehension of language, symbols, skills, and techniques needed in the twenty-first century. Besides exploring text, sound, and imagery in emerging technologies, children develop appreciation and consideration for the environment. The implementation of nature in the learning programs assists in connecting with nature and supports them in becoming informed, environmentally conscious citizens. 

Local community and society 

Through exploration, discovery, and experience, our children explore each other's culture, heritage, background, and traditions within the context of our BISS Preschool community. This encourages a sense of belonging to groups and communities and develops appreciation and respect for natural and constructed environments. All children need to understand the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.