Inquiry Through Play

Preschool focuses on inquiry through playbased learning to achieve positive outcomes in all learning areas with a special focus on social-emotional and communication skills.

It has been acknowledged that there is a strong link between play and learning for young children, especially in the areas of problem-solving, language acquisition, literacy, numeracy, self management, physical and relationship skills.

Young children actively explore their environment and the world around them.  This individual approach allows every child to develop as a capable learner.

In the inquiry-based classroom the emphasis is on real life situations, decision making, problem solving and action. The children explore learning experiences which inspire the students to actively apply their knowledge, understanding and skills in their daily play.

This approach makes learning fun and relevant. Students are given active opportunities to explore, question, experiment, seek information, consolidate existing ideas and reflect. Children are also encouraged and given opportunities to share learning with other students and parents.