Our Values

Creating Role Models for the Future


Our vision, as part of the BISS family, is to be a preschool which creates the role models of the future in the belief that true role models are those people who possess qualities we would like to have and who affect us in such a way it makes us want to be better people.

Our aim is to provide a happy and stimulating environment and a well-balanced programme, allowing every child to develop their potential at their own pace.

We Believe in:
  • Giving our children a broad and creative curriculum rich in art, music, drama and physical education.
  • Promoting considerate behaviour and positive attitudes throughout our organisation.
  • Nurturing our children so they become confident, independent individuals.
  • Working collaboratively.
  • Encouraging all our children and employees to make positive contributions as citizens of a global society.
  • Developing everyone to be a confident user of information technology.
  • Being inclusive, respectful and caring to all
  • Teaching and encouraging everyone to maintain healthy lifestyles.
  • Helping our children and all stakeholders to gain a deep understating of how they can care for and promote the well-being of our environment.
What Does This Mean in Practice?
  • That the child always comes first.
  • That we all think positively about our work and school.
  • That we praise each other - students and staff.
  • That we create a pleasant and stimulating working and learning environment.
  • That we expect high quality work from everyone.
  • That we expect the highest standards of behaviour.
  • That we respect others.
  • That we retain our sense of humour.
  • That we achieve and maintain the school’s vision and aims.

Our aim is to create positive and productive international citizens of the world.