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Pre-School Dress Code

At BISS we are proud of our identity and so are our children.

We have chosen to follow a dress code understanding that this cultivates equality and a spirit of teamwork where the children can feel a part of something bigger than themselves. A dress code can prevent the social snobbery that follows certain dress styles associated with wealth or status, and can break down societal and culture barriers, making it easier for the children to interact with one another. It turns the focus on an individual’s character rather than appearance.

How to order

The website for our recommended dress code items is:

Once on the website, please look for ‘The British International Schools of Stavanger’, then choose Pre-School from the menu on the left.

For any questions relating to uniform, please email Alison Gildert at:

When ordering uniform from this site, please factor in toll and handling fees for all orders over 350 kr (inc. delivery) Orders under 350 kr will not incur any extra charges.

This is our recommended dress code for daily life in our Pre-School.
Daily classroom wear

Green polo shirt with the school logo.

see details below for ordering

Green sweatshirt with the school logo.

see details below for ordering

Essential Clothes for a Norwegian Winter (Oct - May)

Children should wear this under their Pre-School clothes. Several thin layers are better than fewer thick layers.

We go outside whatever the weather so good outdoor clothes are essential.

Suitable Footwear

Children will need comfortable indoor shoes for wearing in and around the building.