Parents and Pre-School

Good communication is essential. The most effective education takes place when there is a strong partnership between parents and the child's class teacher.

It is more than just a school - it is a community for the whole family.

BISS Pre-School promotes an 'open door' policy. Class teachers are available for consultations. Please be aware that because of classroom duties it may not be possible instantly but we will arrange a meeting as soon as is possible.

BISS Pre-School uses the app MyKid to communicate with parents and to share information and news about your child's experiences in Pre-School on a daily and weekly basis.

We encourage all parents to become an active part of school life assisting at special events. Engaging with the school's parent association (FAU) is a good way to make a positive contribution to the work and life of the Pre-School.

Parents are the most important role model in a child's life. Cchildren respond positively at school when they know and see that school is highly valued by their parents.