Upper Pre-School 3 - 6 years

In Upper Pre-School we create learning experiences which inspire students to actively apply their knowledge, understanding and skills in their daily play. We achieve this through the IB Primary Years Programme Units of Inquiry.
As they progress through Upper Pre-School, children continue to develop their independence and are encouraged to manage their own clothes, food and play. During our daily learning experiences there is also a focus on early literacy and mathematics and the introduction and exploration of numbers and sounds through play.



The children in the Upper Pre-School (Pre-School 4 and 5) follow a programme combining the learning as described in the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) and the Norwegian Framework plan (Rammeplan) for pre-schools.


In the Upper Pre-School children are encouraged to develop their phonic knowledge through our Letter and Sounds programme. We encourage children to develop their phonic knowledge through listening, understanding and play based activities, to lay the foundations for reading and writing.

Mathematics is a key part of our program. Within their play based learning activities, the children explore and experience numbers, shapes, space and measures in practical ways.

At a Glance:
  • Early phonics with letters and sounds
  • Early reading and writing through play
  • Early mathematics through play