Our Location and Campus

BISS Preschool is situated on the same campus as BISS Gausel in the residential area of Gausel, between the cities of Stavanger and Sandnes. The Preschool is beside the wooded hilltops of Gausel and looks across to the mountains on the other side of Gandsfjord.
We are a few minutes away from the business district of Forus, the location of many local and international businesses.

BISS Preschool is part of the BISS Foundation and shares a campus with BISS Gausel, an international primary and secondary school.

Our children spend time outside each day in our extensive outdoor play and activity areas on campus and in the surrounding natural landscape.

We are very close to the Gausel woods, to a local children's petting farm and to the beaches of Gandsfjord.

At a glance:
  • Address: Gauselbakken 105, 4032 Stavanger
  • +47 51 95 02 57 or +47 51 95 02 59
  • office.preschool@biss.no
  • Organisation number -  976 108 884
  • To find the school on Google Maps please click on the link below:

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