Aurora Vocalis

Aurora Vocalis is a private music school collaborating with BISS to provide specialist music lessons for their students. Manager is Ms Ina-Marian Øygard, a music and singing teacher in Fine Arts, with training in education and pedagogics. She has been teaching various music subjects since 2011 and conducted and accompanied different choirs for more than 20 years. She is also the local ABRSM Coordinator and Host for Stavanger.

For individual lessons, our focus is to tailor lessons according to each student’s goals and needs. Lessons are given after school, or weekends to all levels and ages. Our tutors may also give lessons from their homes in the district. Fees start at 300 NOK and upwards. Our services are:

  • Individual lessons (30, 45 or 60 minutes of choice)
    • Singing lessons
    • Piano lessons
    • Music Theory
    • Violin lessons – Coming soon
    • Group lessons in all subjects on demand
  • Clubs and Choirs
    • Music Theory Club – Once a week 15.00-16.00/30
    • Choir for Primary 3 to 6 – Fridays 15.00-16.15
    • Lunch Choir for Primary 1 and 2 – Once a week 12.25-13.00 more details
  • ABRSM Practical exams – once a year in May
  • ABRSM Theoretical exams – twice a year, November and June
    • ABRSM practical and theory syllabus may be included in lessons
For more information, updated fees and entry form, please visit