Middle Years 4 and 5

The Middle Years Programme of Study  for Years 4 and 5 builds on the firm foundations laid down in the previous years and prepares students for the IB Diploma, the IBCP Programme, or other post-16 education.


This is the time when students will further their subject knowledge and understanding, and increasingly applying all aspects of that learning to solving real-life problems.

Our Middle Years curriculum is both innovative and challenging. We enable students to become self-motivated, well organised and able to work both as an individual and collaboratively in order to achieve at the highest levels.

Watch this video to see the advantages of following an IB Programme:

IB Programme video

Our Middle Years students are required to take responsibility, to lead and initiate learning and related activities, not only for themselves, but also for their fellow students and the local community. Students act as positive role models and develop close and positive relationships with their peers. Action and consideration for others less well off than themselves is a key component of the MYP programme and helps students to make sense of their world and how they can make it a better place.

The broad and balanced curriculum framework continues to focus on contextual, conceptual and inquiry-based learning.

At the British International Schools, we want the enthusiasm and dreams young people foster throughout their primary years to continue and to develop into achievable goals and far reaching aspirations for the future. The teenage years can be fraught with pressures and moments of self-doubt, but through careful and discreet interactions we help students and their parents steer a clear path through this period, ensuring that each student emerges as a confident, self-assured, fun loving and compassionate young adult, well able to realise his/her individual potential.

Students experience learning based on real-life problems and are able to make connections to the real world as they continue to become more critical and creative thinkers.

The Middle Years Programme enables connections to be made across academic subjects, whilst maintaining the integrity of the individual disciplines. Studies centre around guiding questions that develop skills, subject knowledge, concepts and ideas, with a strong emphasis on thinking skills. The development of good organisational and independent learning skills, alongside the ability to work in a team, is designed to ensure that all our students are equipped to cope with the demands of post 16 education.

During this phase students are also helped to consider career options linked to their individual interests, expertise and aspirations.

As our students approach the conclusion of the Middle Years Programme, the focus on career education is increasingly important. Each young person is assisted to make subject choices in preparation for moving into higher education. Experienced teachers, with close links to universities in the United Kingdom and elsewhere across the world, are well placed to provide guidance and support at this crucial time. Most importantly, students lead the process and are able to take ownership of their choices. Our teachers are dedicated professionals, who at every opportunity, personalise the curriculum so that individual learning styles, interests and talents are developed and students are guided towards suitable educational and career decisions.

The need for students to relax, have fun and develop good interpersonal relationships is assisted by extra-curricular activities that are designed to engage all and promote responsibility.

Students in Years 4 and 5 take on considerable responsibility for organising the department’s social and extra-curricular programme. Students organise and lead a variety of activities and presentations throughout the school year, represent their school at events, both local and international, and are powerful role models across the whole school community.

Above all we try to make learning fun, inspirational and relevant to the real world.

Only in this way will students appreciate the value of their education and ensure that these years are the launch pad for successful careers and life in general.

The MYP programme concludes with e-examinations and a Personal Project - an extended piece of research of the student's choice, which is presented at an exhibition at the end of MYP5.

On completion of MYP5, students receive the MYP Certificate. This certificate is the equivalent to GCSE's or IGCSE's and qualifies them for entry to the IB Diploma, or other equivalent post-16 educational programmes.

Education systems across the world are familiar with IB programmes of study and regard students who have followed the IB programmes favourably. Students moving back to their home countries after studying the IB programmes are well equipped and well placed to adapt to their new schools.

Where possible, students will gain the best advantage by completing both MYP4 and MYP5, equivalent to Year 10 and 11 in the UK.

Further information is available from the Admissions Officer or Principal.