Middle Years 1 to 3

Years 1 to 3 of the Middle Years Programmes of study build on the firm foundations established in the Primary Years Department and begins to prepare students for post-16 education. All programmes of study centre around guiding questions that open up and develop thinking skills, subject knowledge, concepts and ideas.


The development of independent learning skills, good organisational skills and the ability to work in a team, are designed to ensure that all our students are able to cope with the demands of Years 4 and 5.

The first phase of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) is delivered in MYP 1 - MYP 3. This is a time for increased independence in learning. The programme is challenging and creative. It is designed to inspire learning, whilst helping students to develop the skills and the understanding necessary to meet the demands of the years 4 and 5.


The Middle Years Programme provides an academic framework that encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, as well as becoming critical and reflective thinkers.

This is complemented by a range of activities offering an emphasis on student well-being.

Students naturally want to increase their level of independence, especially that relating to their own decision making. Teachers work in partnership with parents to guide each student through this phase of his/her life, with both patience and understanding.

We believe a commitment to service during this phase of life is important.

This part of our curriculum helps our students to adopt a positive outlook on life, encourages them to consider other communities, to develop their leadership skills and to start formulating their personal aspirations for the future.


We encourage students to join extra-curricular activities both at school and across the local community. Stavanger offers a wide choice of sporting, musical and cultural activities for students of this age. Joining these organisations helps students to integrate and provides the opportunity for them to practise and develop language fluency in Norwegian.


Each year selected students receive awards in recognition of their achievements both academically and in promoting aspects of the IB Learner Profile. Awards also recognise outstanding community service and dedication to a particular cause.