Middle Years Department at BISS Gausel

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1 : 1 School Provided laptops or Device

At BISS Gausel our Middle Years Department is for students aged 11 - 16 depending on the calendar year of their birth.  There are 5 year groups named MYP1 - MYP5.  Within each year group there are 2 form groups.

MYP, Middle Years Programme, is the educational program for students between the ages of 11 to 16 that is part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum.  BISS Gausel is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School that is approved to deliver the IB Middle Years Programme.  The programme is delivered in English.

The Middle Years Programmes (MYP) of study build on the firm foundations established in the Primary Years Department who follow the Primary Years Programme of the IB. 

All programmes of study centre around guiding questions that open up and develop thinking skills, subject knowledge, concepts and ideas.

The curriculum is delivered in English.  All students will learn Norwegian as a compulsory subject in line with Norwegian education regulations plus one other language.  For the academic year 2021-22 MYP1, 2 and 3 will be able to choose from German or French.  MYP4 and 5 will learn German as their language acquisition subject.

All students will be provided with a device or laptop which is on loan from the school.  MYP1, 2 and 3 students are provided with a Microsoft Surface tablet and keyboard.  These devices allow greater flexibility for the students and their work.

In MYP4 and 5 the students are provided with a laptop on loan from the school.  This reflects their changing needs to produce portfolios of work as they progress through the MYP.

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Admissions presentation for prospective Secondary parents
At a Glance
  • English Speaking
  • ages 11 - 16
  • Curriculum - IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)
  • All students provided with a device or laptop on loan from school.
  • 5 Year Programme
  • 8 Subjects
  • 5 Year groups named MYP1 - MYP5
  • Internationally recognised programme
  • Post 16 years - students can study IB Diploma, A levels or Norwegian qualifications with MYP certificate
  • All Students will learn Norwegian plus 1 other language. Choice of French or German for MYP1 and 2 in academic year 2020 - 21 and German for MYP3,4 and 5.