Maths in the PYP at BISS Gausel

At BISS we are proud to use as our Maths curriculum a Scope and Sequence which was developed by our PYP team to accommodate not only the different phases recommended by the IB, but also the individual needs of our students.

The backbone of the Maths Scope and Sequence at BISS Gausel is a combination of the IB PYP phase recommendations, as well as certain skills from the English National Curriculum. 

In the PYP, skills are learned within a context where students can pose problems, solve problems and understand new ideas through inquiry, reflection and collaboration. 

Maths in the PYP department may be taught as stand-alone lessons to reinforce certain skills, though the majority of lessons will be taught in a trans-disciplinary way within our programme of inquiry.

We see each of our students as an individual learner and thus offer subject content in line with their skills and needs. That means that within a class, students may work within a different phase, which allows us to provide individual support to either enhance or extend their skills and knowledge.

What does maths look like in PYP at BISS?

At a Glance
  • BISS Maths curriculum developed from IB scope and Sequence and English National Curriculum
  • skills based
  • relevant and realistic contexts
  • problem solving
  • differentiated learning
Our Curriculum Document for Maths