The School Board

As a friskole there must be a board that represents the top management body.  The school board is appointed in accordance with friskole law.

The School Board is not responsible for the daily management of the school, which is the responsibility of the Principal and his/her administration. However, the School Board is involved in policy matters and offers expertise in areas such as law, construction, human resources, marketing and finance.


Board BISS Gausel


Board Member:

Board Member:

Board Member:

Board Member

Andreas Middelthon

Sean Gibb

Kai Michaelsen

Linda Hetlelid

Jorun Beate Fylkesnes

Principal of school:

Fiona Rhodes

Parent Representatives:

Hans Jørgen Leid

Catherine Adams

Staff representatives:

Sam Barnhart

Jo Horne 

Student Representatitves

Student Council Leaders

Kommune Representative

Trygve Meyer