Tuition & Fees

PRIMARY and SECONDARY SCHOOL FEES for the academic year 2018/19

  • Standard Tuition Fees for the Primary and Secondary School - NOK 150 000
  • Application fee, NOK 1 000

Standard tuition fees are paid annually at the commencement of the academic year.

The Standard Primary and Secondary tuition fee includes school transport and all school materials but does not cover the items listed below:

  • Optional extra- curricular activities and clubs
  • Selected secondary school text books
  • Music Lessons and activities led by external providers (fees payable directly to the external provider)
  • Optional educational visits abroad and residential trips in Norway
  • Overseas sporting events incurring travel and accommondation costs
  • Special activities or events held at school
  • Transport cost for local educational visits
  • School uniform

These items will be invoiced separately.

  • Assisted Places and fees

The British International School offers a limited number of assisted places whereby the standard tuition fee is reduced by up to 40% (minimum NOK 90 000). This applies to students attending the main school only (Reception Class until MYP5) and applies to the cost of tuition only.

Who is eligible to apply for an assisted place?

- Siblings of children attending The British International School, who already enjoy an assisted place.

- Families with children already attending The British International School, who experience an unforeseen or significant change of financial circumstances, resulting in an inability to meet the standard tuition fee.

- New families applying to The British International School for the first time, who fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • They have strong reasons for the child(ren) to receive an English speaking international schooling;
  • The employer(s) for whom the family works, does not meet (directly or indirectly) the cost of school tuition fees;

If you wish to be considered for an assisted place, please ensure that you discuss your particular circumstances with the admissions officer.

Assisted fees are billed in ten, monthly instalments.

PRE-SCHOOL FEES for the academic year 2018/19

Standard Tuition Fees for the Pre-School are set each year by Stavanger Kommune. The fees for 2018 are as follows:

100% - 5 day class (07:30 – 16:30), NOK 29 100 per year (2 910 per month, 10 invoices)

80% - 5 day class (08:45 – 15:15), NOK 23 280 per year (2 328 per month, 10 invoices)

Application fee, NOK 1 000

Pre-School fees are invoiced monthly.

The Pre-School tuition fee includes all school materials, but does not cover school uniform.

Pre-School children are not allowed to use school transport.

For pdf download of the British International School fee schedule, please click here.