Our Year Groups

Please note that the new BISS friskole will have a slightly different class organisation from August 2019 onwards. Details will be published soon.

Class Organisation School Year 2018/19

Classes are organised into four stages:

  • Early Years
  • IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)
  • IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)
  • IB Diploma Programme and IBCP Careers-related Programme (IB Dip and IBCP)

Children whose birthdays fall between September 1st and August 31st of the following year are placed in the same year group.

  • Pre-School – for children aged 2-5
  • Lower Primary School – for children aged 5 -7
  • Upper Primary School – for children aged 7-11
  • Lower Secondary School – for children aged 11-14
  • Upper Secondary School – for children aged 14-16
  • Sixth Form College- for children aged 16-19

The academic year runs from mid-August to mid-June.

Class sizes

The school reserves the right to organise classes and limit class sizes on a flexible basis in order to:

  • maximise the number of places available at any one time
  • to make effective and efficient use of teaching staff
  • to ensure an acceptable gender balance is maintained within each class
  • to ensure that the demands of children with English as an Additional Language can be supported appropriately
  • to ensure that pupils with special educational needs can be supported appropriately
  • to facilitate class sizes that are advantageous to the academic and social development of all pupils.

The school aims to maintain average class sizes of twenty pupils, but we are able to admit up to twenty five pupils per class. If a particular year group is likely to exceed these numbers, a decision will be taken as to whether to split the year group into smaller classes, or to employ a teaching assistant to support the class teacher.

For Pre-school, Norwegian Pre-school regulations apply.