Current Initiatives

The British International School has been invited to join a team pioneering high performance learning in schools

The British International School of Stavanger is one of seven pioneer schools who are working in collaboration with Professor Deborah Eyre and her High Performance Learning (HPL) team. HPL aims to develop and achieve a standard of education that takes a school beyond excellence, to make good schools into world class schools. HPL encourages the highest possible standard of achievement for every student irrespective of their starting point. This enhanced performance is achieved by developing higher order thinking skills, linked to the values and attributes outlined in the IB learner profile. Students and teachers pay close attention to demonstrating these values and reflecting on individual progress. Other stakeholders, such as governors and parents, are encouraged to support the learning process, encouraging continuous improvement through positive reinforcement and the celebration of achievement.

High Performance Learning means more students reach their highest possible standards for university, for work and for life.

The British International School of Stavanger is aiming for external accreditation with High Performance Learning in 2018.

Interact Club

The British International School Stavanger has a close working relationship with Rotary International Stavanger through their Rotary INTERACT Club.

INTERACT clubs are designed for students aged between 12 and 18 years to bring them into direct contact with local business initiatives. They are also introduced to the important work various organisations do at 'grass roots' level and develop an awareness of global issues. This building of links and networks is a feature of 21st century communication and a powerful tool for success as an individual or group.

Students in MYP/IB are required to fully engage in Community and Service projects (CAS) and the Rotary Interact Club acts as a sponsor to support the development of student CAS activities. Members of Rotary International Stavanger support our students by modeling good business practices and assisting students to fulfill high quality projects. Teaching good communication and networking skills is a key element in our Personal, Social, Health (PSHE) curriculum and the INTERACT Club is also an ideal vehicle for furthering these skills.

The school's INTERACT committee meets twice monthly to oversee and coordinate the CAS programme. Here, rotary members support and interact with the student representatives in each class. The INTERACT committee can call upon sponsors to assist in major fundraising projects and benefit from the international links the sponsors can access. Students who demonstrate outstanding commitment may be eligible for special awards and opportunities for exchange visits to other countries.