Student Life & Social Activities

Throughout the year the school organises a number activities that extend and enrich the curriculum.
Through these activities students have fun, build meaningful and respectful social relationships and become enthusiastic about about this important aspect of school life.

The school organizes a focused cross-phase week of activities each academic year, featuring an area of the curriculum.

To enrich sport and physical education we organized Bike Week, led by specialists from the UK. The 2016 school year dedicated a week to science and technology featuring interactive lectures by Professor Brainstorm. Artists, musicians and authors in residence are also a feature of these special activities.

United Nations Day is another important event in the school calendar, bringing the whole school community together to celebrate diversity and the importance of working together to bring about peace and well-being for all world citizens. Norway's National Day is a very special day when BISS students join the children's parade through the city and afterwards enjoy a social event back at school.

Throughout the year students choose good causes to support, or respond to emergency appeals, organizing a range of activities from cake sales to fun runs. For older students these will include community action and service projects.

Students have regular opportunities to perform in concerts and productions. All activities are linked to the curriculum, or personal studies, so that extension and enrichment is provided for all students irrespective of their individual gifts and talents. School dances usually take on a theme linked to a calendar event, or activity week.

Parents are invited to support the range of student activities on offer. The school barbeque at Somagard Farm in August, is a great way for our younger students and their parents to get to know each other better, at the start of the school year. Similarly, events such as our Shakespeare Evening in August, is designed to bring older students and their families together.