Why the british school?

Because we nurture students' intelligence and natural interest in the world.


The Primary School aims to offer a balanced curriculum that promotes the acquisition of key skills through inquiry based learning. We work hard to create a very special learning experience for our primary aged students.

The IB philosophy and approaches to learning provide a curriculum that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant to learners.

We believe that children who are inspired and 'switched on' at school will develop a thirst and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

This thirst and enthusiasm leads the children to develop the self-confidence and the capacity to realise their expectations. They are on a journey, discovering themselves and their future place in the world.

We achieve this special environment by employing inspirational teachers who respect every child and believe that whatever background or prior learning the child has, that he/she has the capacity to excel.

We design fun learning experiences that build on children's prior knowledge and interests and challenge their thinking. Learning experiences are both individual and collaborative and every child is encouraged to be a team player and a valued member of his/her class, year group, the school and society at large. Every classroom is a hive of activity and visitors to the school constantly remark on the levels of happiness and achievement they sense in our students.

Each year we witness our young people growing in confidence, exhibiting high levels of self-esteem and demonstrating that they can be, and are, sophisticated, responsible, thinking individuals who are aspirational and able to achieve well in all aspects of life.

Throughout the school year students share learning experiences with their peers, the school community and parents. They engage in whole school assemblies, lead special events, put on performances of the highest quality, hold exhibitions and engage in student-led parent conferences.

Primary School Curriculum

Please click below to view details of the curriculum for Primary 3 to Primary 6.

Primary School Curriculum

Primary School Programme of Inquiry