The British International School of Stavanger Sixth Form College offers a personalised, flexible approach to learning. Through one to one guidance, students are matched to courses that reflect individual learning styles, academic potential and personal aspirations.

We want to help ensure that each student emerges as a confident, self-assured, fun loving and compassionate person, well able to realise his or her individual potential.

This department is the equivalent of videregående skole (VGS) in the Norwegian education system.

The Sixth Form College Programmes

The Sixth Form College offers the IB Diploma as well as IB Career-related studies in Creative Media.

These are innovative and challenging programmes. Students who are self-motivated, well organised and able to work both as an individual and collaboratively can achieve at the highest levels.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma

The IB Diploma Programme is a comprehensive two-year course of study leading to the award of the IB Diploma and access to the world's leading universities. The Diploma Programme has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students.

Watch this video from three US universities whose tutors describe the advantages of following the IB Programme:

IB Diploma video

The IB Diploma Programme subject choices:

There are six subject groups:

  • language and literature
  • language acquisition
  • individuals and society
  • science
  • mathematics
  • the arts

The subjects are taught at both standard level and higher level, with students choosing at least three subjects at higher level and the rest at standard level. Students studying at higher level are expected to demonstrate a greater body of knowledge, understanding and skills than at standard level.

The British International School of Stavanger currently offers:

  • English Language and Literature
  • Norwegian
  • German for beginners
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Film

The following additional subjects are available from Pamoja - the IB approved global provider of online courses:

  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Mandarin for beginners
  • French for beginners
  • Spanish for beginners
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Information Technology in a Global Society

Please use the following link to read more about Pamoja:

Pamoja - Learning beyond the classroom

The range of subject options for study in the IB Diploma Programme has been chosen to facilitate a wide range of career options. The Diploma offers a balanced programme of education, culminating in final examinations that prepare students for success at university and life beyond.

The Sixth Form College also offers IB Course Certificates to students who wish to study some, but not all, of the subjects required for the full diploma. Course certificates provide study points valid for university entry.

The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme

Students also have the option to consider a combined IB Diploma and careers orientated programme. Students on this course select three subjects from the IB Diploma as well as following a course of vocational and practical study in a chosen career field. This professional vocational qualification is the BTEC National Diploma in:

  • Creative Media Production - Games Development

Please feel free contact the Head of Sixth Form for information regarding this course.

Life in the Sixth Form College

Students act as positive role models and develop close and positive relationships with their peers. Students organise and lead a variety of activities and presentations throughout the school year and represent their school at events both local and international. They are powerful role models across the whole school community.

All sixth form students are required to take responsibility and to lead and initiate learning, for themselves and for their fellow students.

Action and consideration for others less well off than ourselves is a key component of the course, helping students to make sense of their world and how they can make it a better place for the whole of humanity.

Our teachers are dedicated professionals, who at every opportunity, personalise the curriculum so that individual learning styles, interests and talents are developed and students are guided to maximise opportunities and, in time, come to the right educational and career decisions.

All students will have meetings and lessons at school regarding further study and possible career choices.

Above all, our teachers try to make learning fun, inspirational and relevant to the real world. This helps students to appreciate the value of their education and to ensure that these years are their launch pad for successful careers and life in general.

As parents, we particularly appreciate the balance that the school strives to find between our children's academic, social and emotional development.
Beyond the Classroom

Model United Nations Club (MUN)

The Model United Nations Club at The British International School is well established and is a popular extension activity for those students who exhibit good debating skills and are interested in world affairs.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

All our students are encouraged to participate in the International DofE Award scheme on entering MYP 4. Qualified teachers lead a range of activities throughout the school year, including local and overseas expeditions.

Local Clubs

Students are also encouraged to integrate into their local community through membership of Norwegian clubs and activities. This also helps them to develop better fluency in the Norwegian language.

Sixth Form College fees

Students at international high schools (videregående) can receive grants to cover 85% of tuition costs if they are entitled to support and meet the conditions set by Lånekassen.

The conditions include:

  • The student is a Norwegian citizen or, if the student is not a Norwegian citizen, they are the child of an EEA or EFTA employee and / or EEA or EFTA employee's spouse.
  • The school does not receive public funding from the Norwegian government.
  • Tuition payment is not covered by others.

In order to assess your eligibility for the grant, you must submit an online application to Lånekassen as well as complete and upload the paper ‘P’ form (P-skjema).

For information about the current tuition fees for The IB Diploma course, please contact the Admissions Officer

For more information on grants, visit the Lånekasse website

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